Emotions Running High with The Finale of American Idol Season 15 Approaching, Original Judges Might Be Brought in for The Last Season, And More

American Idol Season 15 is the final season for the reality music show and the end is already here. Those who are watching the show will be aware of the fact that the show is going to be over very soon and it has only three contestants left. La’Porsha Renae, Trent Harmon and Dalton Rapattoni. The final three was drawn after MacKenzie Bourg was eliminated in the previous episode.

International Business Times reported that MacKenzie Bourg said that he is going to start on his tour. He said that he might have been eliminated from the show, but there is a high chance that he will go out on a tour of his own. He said that American Idol Season 15 isn’t going to take the contestants on a tour this time. Fox had released this news previously.

MacKenzie Bourg said that while the tour from American Idol with all its contestants is going to be an interesting one, it does take away the scope of the individual artist. With the show working with the contestants to come up with an album together, the individual artists do not have time to focus on their own albums or career.

MacKenzie Bourg has revealed that he is going to release his original track Roses, which he sang for the first time on American Idol Season 15 as the first track of his album. MacKenzie Bourg isn’t going to let his elimination from American Idol Season 15 get to him. He knows he is good at what he does and he is very happy for the kind of exposure he had got, thanks to the show.

Bourg said that he is grateful for what American Idol Season 15 had given him. He said that the show has turned his life around. He could never imagine that he would ever come out of his room with his guitar and sing for the millions of viewers who watch the show. He also thanked American Idol Season 15 for giving him the scope to sing two of his original songs.

The finale for American Idol Season 15 will start will on Tuesday and it will see performances from contestants and winners from the past. Carrie Underwood, who was the winner of Season 4 of American Idol and one of the most popular singers to have come out the series, will be back on the stage to perform. She is very excited to be back on the stage from where it all began.

The Farewell season of American Idol wasn’t one that the viewers enjoyed thoroughly, but there was a lot appreciation for the episode where the top three got to visit their hometown. While Trent Harmon and Dalton Rapattoni was much appreciated, La’Porsha stole the show.

Her visit to the hometown, saw her perform at a concert. She also visited the women’s home where she had been living for over a year after she escaped from an abusive relationship. She had won the hearts of all those living there and she was almost like an angel for them.

La’Porsha’s powerful rendition has taken her a notch higher in comparison to the other contestants. She has a powerful way with words also. She had been very honest about a song that was part of the judges’ choice and she said that she had gone through the performance since she was forced to and not because she wanted to. This kind of honesty has made her connect with the viewers.