Eve Thinks Renard Is Being Controlled, Wesen Creates Beauty Cream by Sucking Out the Life Force from Grimms, Victims Age Before Dying, And More

Next morning, a friend of Summer’s comes to her place, but isn’t able to get any response from her. When she steps into the house, she sees Summer is dead and she looks like she is over 100 years old.

Nick and Hank (Russell Hornsby) are called out and they wonder why an elderly woman would wear Summer’s clothes and then kill herself. They try to find out the prints and it matches with Summer’s.

Further investigation continues in Grimm Season 5 and it is found out to be a genetic disorder that is called hyper progeria. The disorder degenerates the DNA and causes the skin to age at a very fast rate.

Nick and his team realizes that the person responsible for it is a Wesen and tracks it down to Malcom, who is originally known as Musasat Al-Shabab, an Egyptian. Al-Shabab is a Wesen who sucks life out of a person and transfers it into a cream like substance.

Grimm has to come up with new monster almost every week and they have been more or less successful with it. This time they tap on something that is very usual in modern times; the demand for face creams that can make one beautiful. However, it doesn’t come easy and those using it will have to pay a price.

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