HBO Showrunners Assure Fans That Season 6 Is Going To Be Different From Winds Of Winter, Novel To Throw Light On Jon Snow’s Mother, And More

Martin has teased that Winds of Winter is going to throw light on Jon Snow’s mother. Jojen Reed and Meera will be brought in and the Reed family is the one to witness the death of Lyana Stark and there is a chance that they will be able to give some information on who Jon Snow’s mother is.

With the Reed family coming in, Jojen’s power of visions might be dealt with. Jojen had been killed in the previous season, but Bran Stark has got the same power and this will be used for the war that is going on in Westeros.

With Dothraki and Valyrian being spoken by the characters in Game of Thrones, Martin has decided to make use of David J. Peterson, the language expert of HBO to include these scripts in the book as well.

He said that Dothraki and Valyrian are languages spoken by   few with no contact with the outside world and hence they have around 4000 words as compared to the thousands and thousands that are there in English.

Fans are waiting patiently for Winds of Winter and are hoping that Martin finishes the novel first and starts on with the next one. Leave a comment and share your thoughts on Winds of Winter.