Scoop On The Plot For Transformers 5, Film To Be Shot In Denmark, Standalone Film With Bumblebee!

Transformers 5 is going to see Optimus Prime heading to space. The Quintessons are going to get together with the Unicron and attack earth. Unicron is known to suck in different planets and stars across the universe and become powerful.

Unicron has set his eye on earth and since the humans aren’t ready to give in to his claims of supremacy, he has planned to attack earth. The epic battle between Unicron and Optimus Prime is one of the most popular sequence in the world of Transformers an fans are super excited about the prospect of watching it come to live in Transformers 5.

This looks to be the premise for one half of Transformers 5’s plot. This is going to see Optimus Prime trying to talk to the leader of the Quintessons and making him change his mind about attacking earth and annihilating the human race.

With Optimus Prime heading to space, His second-in-command, Ultra Magnus is going to stay back on earth and look after the situation here along with Mark Wahlberg’s Cade Yeager.

Akiva Goldsman and the other writers from the writers’ room have decided that they are going to delve deep into the history of the series to come up with a plot that has always appealed to the fans of the franchise, but they have never really see it being portrayed in the big screen.

In the earlier films it has been noticed that the humans have always taken the central role whereas the Autobots have become secondary characters. This is going to change in the upcoming films since Goldsman feels that the films dealing with Autobots should have them in the center with the humans supporting them and not the other way round.

Akiva Goldsman will have with his writers like Art Marcum, Matt Holloway, Ken Nolan. Robert Kirkman was also supposed to be a part of the team, but then he had to back out in the very last minute he had to go in for a throat surgery that was scheduled on the same day that the project was starting.

Kirkman has informed fans of the franchise that they are in for a treat with Transformers 5 since the energy in the writers’ room makes it very evident that the plot is going to be an exciting one.

With Akiva Goldsman spearheading the script for the film, Paramount Pictures knew that the only one who could do justice to his plan of action would be Michael Bay. Michael Bay has been working with Transfomers for the past four movies and he had initially been stalling the confirmation for the fifth one, but then has come on board.

Michael Bay, however, has made it very clear that he isn’t coming back for anymore Transformers films. Lee Rosenthal has also said that there is going to be many more Transformers films since the franchise has a lot of story to work on. This has disappointed the fans since none of those films will have the magic touch of Michael Bay.

  1. J. Abrams has also agreed to the fact that Michael Bay is the best person for the franchise and no one can do justice to the films the way Michael Bay can. Bay has responded by saying that he has given a lot of his time to the Transformers franchise and now it is time to move on try his hand on something else. He also said that if Star Wars can be made by someone other than George Lucas and be successful, then Transformers will also get a new lease of life with a new director.