Premiere Episode Of Banshee Season 4 Sees Rebecca Murdered, Hood Joins Hands With Proctor And Kai!

The fourth season of Cinemax’s action-packed drama series is back. While there is a lot of excitement about Banshee Season 4 fans are also aware of the fact that this is going to be the last and final season. The fourth season has a lot of hype to meet up to and a lot of queries to answer. The fourth season picked up with some excellent opening sequence.

The premiere episode saw Sheriff Lotus played by Matt Servitto finding out Lucas Hood (Antony Starr) in a rundown cabin. He had not been looking for Hood, but then the GPS location from Rebecca’s SUV points to the place.

Rebecca has been killed and her body was found in the outskirts of the town with the torso ripped apart and there are hints that place her murder in the hands of a serial killer.

As it turns out, Rebecca isn’t the only victim. She is in fact, the third victim. Hidden Remote reported that when executive producer Adam Targum had said that Banshee Season 4 premiere will be one hell of a journey, he had not been kidding about it.

Banshee has been known to border normal chaotic behavior and added some mysteries that are similar to the dark and violent world that the Coen Brothers create.

Lucas has been on the lookout for Job, but with no information of his whereabouts he moves into a hotel. He binge drinks on a couple of nights when Rebecca rescues him from the dirty hotel rooms and lets him stay at Uncle Kai’s cabin. Hood has always been a reclusive and it is surprising to know that he had kept Rebecca informed while he was off the radar with everyone else.

Ever since Hood had saved Rebecca in Banshee Season 2, she had owed him one. She also had always had feelings for him and cared for him in a way that Hood appreciated and would never let anyone care for him.

When Hood is informed that Rebecca is dead, he is completely lost since hers was the only face that he could bear to look at without any pain or regret.

Since the coordinates of Rebecca’s last location before being dead and Hood’s hideout match, he is an obvious suspect, but he is cleared of the allegations after his blood works come back from the lab. Banshee will see Hood back in the business of finding out serial killers after two years and it expected to be an exciting one.

Banshee Season 4 will see Hood and Kai working together. Kai is now the mayor and he is in complete control, with his drug trade being looked after by his muscles. However, he is completely broken ever since Rebecca was killed.

He had shared an intimate bond with the girl, having saved her from Amish reclusion. Kai might have turned Rebecca into criminal, but he loved her dearly. However, he could never control her and that was their undoing in the end. Now he can hardly live a life and smashes things in anger.

Kai and Hood realize that they have to come together and work since Kai needed Hood for the case. Hood in turn needed Proctor for his connections if they have to find out the serial killer.

Hood finds out that the nephew of the elder Bodecker clan member, might know something about Rebecca’s murder since he had been sleeping with her. Hood is set to start one of his best investigation to figure out the identity of the serial killer.