No Official Word On Premiere Of Secrets And Lies Season 2, Cornell Set To Return Alone, Photos From The Sets Keeps The Excitement High, And More

Enstarz has reported that there is no official confirmation from ABC about the premiere of the second season of Secret and Lies. All that fans have to fall back on are information that are spreading by word of mouth and the information that is doing the rounds on the internet.

The dates for the premiere of Secrets and Lies Season 2 hasn’t been released ever since the dates were pushed back from the scheduled premiere during the winter break of Nashville.

The only information that looks to be believable are the list of episodes that are listed in IMDb. The websites mentions that The Brother is going to be one episode that will be aired on the 1st of July this year. However, there is no information about which episode it is since the website also states that an episode titled The Statement had supposedly premiered on the 1st of January.

There are no information forthcoming from the studio. All that showrunner Barbie Kligman could assure fans was that they should remain patient since the series is going to be out soon. The fans have nothing to do but sit with the hope that Secret and Lies Season 2 is released by July.

There was some fear that the show had been cancelled by ABC since there was absolutely no news about it anywhere, but then showrunner Barbie Kligman addressed all the fears when she responded to the query posted by a fan on Twitter stating that the show is coming for sure.

There are some fans who are hopeful that July might see the second season of Secrets and Lies, but then ABC hadn’t mentioned it in their line-up for summer shows.

It is more likely that the show will be released during that time since the premiere season had been released in spring last year. If July is said to be the premiere time then the studio should start airing the promos soon enough.

Secrets and Lies Season 2 had been aired during the midseason break. It was supposed to get the airtime that was available after How To Get Away With Murder ended, but then the slot went away to American Crime Season 1 and Secret and Lies had to wait. There are fans who feel that it might be the same case this time as well and hence the long wait.

While there is no official news about the release date, Movie News Guide has come out to reveal that Secrets and Lies Season 2 will see Detective Cornell investigate the reason behind Kate’s murder.

This will make her come face to face with some of the most terrifying secrets of Kate and her husband Eric’s family. It is believed that the discovery will affect Cornell to a great extent.

The last season had seen a young boy brutally killed by his sister while their father goes to custody for her. The last episodes saw the father die in the prison with Cornell tracking down Abby, the sister who killed the little boy Tom as well their mother Christie, in order to seek justice.

From the reports that are available, it looks like Juliette Lewis who plays the role of Detective Cornell, is going to be the only cast member from Secrets and Lies Season 1 to reprise their role in Secrets and Lies Season 2. Ryan Phillipe, her co-star, who had played the role of Ben Crawford in Secrets and Lies had informed that he will not be back for the next season.