Gamestop Now Accepting Watch Dogs 2 Pre-Orders, Sequel to Feature DX 12 Support!

Watch Dogs 2 was confirmed this year but it was still awaiting a formal announcement. However, at the moment, Watch Dogs 2 has suddenly found itself on the page of GameStop and the retailer started accepting pre-orders for the game.

According to the product listing, the sequel will release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Sadly, there is no more information on the website regarding this.

The retailer has enough press material which it will use in the coming months but it has to wait for Ubisoft in order to drop a formal announcement.

Therefore, Watch Dogs 2 will probably receive a teaser trailer pretty soon. This should pave the way for E3 2016 where the game will be officially revealed. In the mainstream news, Watchdogs 2 has been running pretty rampant.

In this month’s Game Developers Conference, Ubisoft appeared in the Advanced Micro Devices Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AMD) briefing in order to bring in the confirmation that Watch Dogs 2 will be featuring support for Direct X 12 technology.

With the developer being present at the AMD briefing, it is clear that the company has switched sides and this means they have left Nvidia, who was the development partner with the first Watch Dogs game.

People utilizing AMD hardware suffered a lot when it came to the 2014 first Watch Dogs game. People playing this open-world third person stealth game suffered from loads of issues like vast downgrades, bugs, glitches, frame rate stuttering, and instability.

Disregarding the technical issues, the game was reviewed by many to be a forgetful experience. That being said, the game still went on to sell over 9 million copies.

Ubisoft is skipping out on an Assassins Creed installment this year but it is quite possible that E3 will unveil Watch Dogs 2 for a 2016 Q4 release.

Ubisoft has been the game developer and publisher of many popular game titles and it was recently confirmed that Watch Dogs 2 does really exist.  PC Gamer reported that the studio has confirmed this title not once, but twice.

When the company published its sales announcement, the first one was revealed. Meanwhile, the second and the latest one of all was revealed during GDC as mentioned before. PlayStation Lifestyle reported that the game will be compatible on all present generation consoles.

This is quite obvious as they are the only popular gaming rigs today, besides a PC. However, fans need to keep an open mind regarding Watch Dogs 2 since there is yet to be an official announcement of the specifics involving this title.

It is highly recommended that you take the circulating reports with a grain of salt. PlayStation Lifestyle further reported that Watchdogs 2 will be out in the market sometime next year and it should probably be by March.

Watch Dogs 2 is currently in the early stages of development after it was announced last month but the latest update was issued from an AMD conference during the GDC.  This was further reported by The Country Caller.

It was revealed that Watch Dogs 2 will have Direct X 12 support. What turned out to be surprising is not the announcement involved Direct X 12 but in fact, it was announced during an AMD press conference which appears to be a twist of fate.

In the first game, Ubisoft clearly supported Nvidia graphics technology, which is in fact the direct competitor of AMD. The presence of Ubisoft at the gaming conference means a great difference as this means that the game will support the AMD GPUs as well. There were some serious issues in terms of performance and visuals during the first game. It suffered from a lot of bugs and glitches.