Murphy Talks About Working On Two Themes For American Horror Story Season 6!

American Horror Story Season 6 is much anticipated by the fans of the franchise, but there hasn’t been any news about the upcoming season.

As Inquisitr reported, there is usually a lot of news after the PaleyFest, but it hasn’t been the case this time. The one thing that fans know is that American Horror Story Season 6 will see Lady Gaga in it.

Lady Gaga was brilliant in American Horror Story Season 6 and immediately after the completion of Hotel, she was roped in for another season. There are speculations that a large number of old faces are going to be back for this season as well.

While there hasn’t been any official word on this, apart from the fact that American Horror Story Season 6 will have Lady Gaga in it, fans are hoping that Emma Roberts, Denis O’Hare, Kathy Bates, Finn Wittrock and Matt Bomer are back as well.

The showrunner Ryan Murphy recently spoke about the themes that he will explore in the coming season of American Horror Story. He said that he had narrowed it down to two themes.

What he didn’t clear up was whether the two theme were being incorporated into the series or whether he hasn’t yet decided on the one he would finally deal with.

Murphy said that this year the show is going to deal with children. The writers are working on both the plot and each one will be distinct from the other. What the team hasn’t decided yet is which one is the one they will ultimately focus on in American Horror Story Season 6.

While talking at the PaleyFest, Ryan Murphy said that the reason for going ahead with the plot based on children this year was because whenever there is something to do with horror, there is always this innocence that comes into play and the entry into something dramatic and engaging.

Murphy, however, didn’t let out any more information about the upcoming season. Express has come out to report that American Horror Story Season 6 will be set in an orphanage.

This report seems to be plausible since Murphy has already revealed that the story will have something to do with children. The fans are already excited about how Murphy is going to bring in the scary and the creepy into the storyline.

American Horror Story Season 6 will focus on the present. It has frequently dealt with the past like in Asylum and the Freak Show, but this time the main plot is going to be based in the present with overtones from the past all throughout.

Fans had initially thought that Season 6 is going to be based in the past since they had noticed a pattern where the series was alternating between the past and the present with every season.

The last season, Hotel was based in the present and hence fans had presumed that the current season will be about the past. However, Jon Landgraf came out to inform that Season 6 of American Horror Story will also be based in the future and will take place somewhere in America.

Entertainment Weekly has reported that Season 6 of American Horror Story is going to deal with the story about the Slender Man, who is a tall mythical figure with a blank face and stretchy limbs. He stalks children and scares them.

There is no official confirmation on this. All Ryan Murphy has hinted at is that all the seasons of American Horror Story might have a common link somewhere.