No New Episode Of Castle Season 8 This Week, Esposito To Reveal Secrets, Beckett And Castle Back To Being Normal!

There is a fear that’s brewing in the minds of the Castle fans. With the eighth season not doing very well, there is a general sentiment that the show might not be renewed for Season 9.

ABC doesn’t look very happy with how things have shaped up for one of their most popular series ever. As if this rumor wasn’t scary enough, fans of the show were in for a shock when they tuned in to watch Castle Season 8 only to realize that the show was not being aired!

The last episode that was aired was the 15th episode of the season. It saw an NYPD recruit being killed with a gun that belonged to another recruit from the academy.

The show took an off for a week and will be back next Monday with an interesting case in hand. There seems to be a case that has propped up that will find Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) and Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion) investigation dig up old secrets.

Episode 16 of Castle Season 8 will see the 12th precinct start an investigation regarding the murder of the driver of an armored car and this will bring up Esposito’s (Jon Huertas) ex-girlfriend, Sonia.

The murder investigation will bring to light an old case that had been handled by Esposito years ago. During the trial, Esposito had an affair with a woman called Sonia, which he had kept hidden from his colleagues.

However, Esposito will come clean about it all and will reveal the truth of his affair to Castle. Castle Season 8 will see Esposito come out to give his full support for the investigation of the case and he will even be able to find out the truth about the murder of the driver.

Design n Trend has reported that Ryan (Seamus Dever) will be shocked to hear that his partner for years had actually hidden this huge thing from him. Not only was he dating this woman, he was also engaged to her.

Ryan asks Esposito how he could never share it with him, to which the latter says that he had never been asked about it and hence never spoke out. Ryan has difficulty accepting the fact that Esposito hadn’t informed him about such a crucial incident in his life and also that he was involved with a criminal.

This is where Rick Castle steps in to stand up for Esposito and says that there is nothing wrong with a cop getting involved with a criminal. He refers to it as a workplace romance.

Fans will be happy to see that Rick Castle is back to being the funny and interesting man that he had always been. The character had seemed to have lost his charm in the last few episodes, but he is back for good.

Esposito clears things up stating that he didn’t know that Sonia was a criminal when he had first met her. She had seemed to be rather normal when the two had met for the first time. Esposito reveals that he had found the truth of her identity only after they had been engaged.

With this case solved, Castle and Beckett will find themselves dealing with the magical lamp of Aladdin. According to Parent Herald, episode 17 will see the two involved with a case that will deal with the smuggling of antiques from Turkey.

The team will have to find something that they have only read in fantasies and it is going to be a huge leap in faith for them, especially Kate Beckett, who doesn’t have time for such child’s play.