Automatron DLC for Fallout 4 Lets You Build Your Own Droids, New Mod for Fallout 4 Turns the Mysterious Stranger into Notorious B.I.G!

If you ever wanted to build your Terminator, this is your chance. Right now, it is possible. Automatron is the first DLC pack for the awesome Fallout 4 and it sends you back into the wasteland with new robotic buddies.

When you expand on the core game’s expansive crafting system, Automatron will let you customize and build from scratch all types of AI robots which will help your dangerous journey in the post-nuclear ruins of Boston. Keep in mind that these aren’t R2D2 and they are armor plated and armed to the teeth.

You can create everything starting from flying droids, nimble-sprinting bots to lumbering tank-like automatons. Moreover, you will need their firepower too if you wish to salvage the key components needed to craft the most effective robots. You need to take on some of the most challenging mechanical baddies Fallout 4 has produced so far.

Sadly, the storytelling and delivery turn even Arnold’s dead-eyed bot seem like Shakespeare. The main new quest line lasts for four or five hours and you are required to take on a maniacal robot overlord known as The Mechanist.

The linear quests where you end up chasing down this foe are quite far from the best this series has seen so far. They also fail to introduce any new and truly engaging characters. The two chief bots in this situation are new companion Ada and AI antagonist Jezebel.

They are not quite interesting and certainly lack the charm of pre-existing mechanized mates like the brilliant Codsworth. People who have felt that Fallout 4 actually pushed the series a lot towards action instead of RPG, well this shifts it more in that direction.

It was expected that the quest line would be playing second fiddle to the robot crafting system and it is great fun. People who have scoured the wasteland for every secret already will see this as a disappointment but those who are still scavenging can now do so with an awesome humanoid droid by their side.

The Fallout 4 modding community keeps churning out surprises one by one. When you think that you’ve seen it all, there comes another mod which throws you in for a loop. The latest mod is a pretty great example of something which comes out of the left field.

A modder by the handle of gyashaa (with help from King Tobbe) on NexusMods has managed to turn Fallout 4’s The Mysterious Stranger into Notorious B.I.G.  The mod is glorious and is called The Mysterious B.I.G.

Similar to normal Fallout gameplay, in case you have the mysterious stranger perk, the character will definitely show up to kill enemies when you are using VATS.  However, instead of The Stranger, you will see Biggie Small show to pop a cap instead.

He will be wearing a white suit with a matching white triggerman hat. When Mysterious BIG appears, one of 20 different songs will play. You can check out the mod action in the video but keep in mind that most of the songs are NSFW.

Gyashaa further said that he created this mod as he wanted to honor one of his favorite rappers.  Biggie Smalls will always remain one of the most favorite and beloved rappers. Therefore, fans of Biggie Smalls playing Fallout 4 will surely get a kick out of this.

You can download the mod for yourself with this link. You will find instructions on how to install the mod safely on your PC. At the same time, you can enjoy Notorious B.I.G finishing off your enemies in style.