No New Episode Of Castle Season 8 This Week, Esposito To Reveal Secrets, Beckett And Castle Back To Being Normal!

Since the whole case is going to be one that is shrouded in mystery, Rick Castle has to be at his creative best to find out the magical lamp.

The fans have been complaining that Castle Season 8 didn’t have many scenes with Castle and Beckett together and it looks like after the midseason the writers have tried to redeem that issue. The upcoming episodes will see the two solving cases together, once again.

The fans will be treated to a whole lot of scenes with Castle and Beckett in it and it is going to be like the old times once again. Things had gone wrong in the initial episodes of Castle Season 8 with the two having marital issues, but they have put everything behind them and have returned to normalcy, much to the joy of the viewers.

With the two behaving like before, fans are hoping that they can flirt and be happy and come together again. The charm of the series lay in their brilliant chemistry and the fans feel that the season was ruined because the writers didn’t cash on it. They focused too much on their issue which killed the winning formulae of the show.

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