Premiere Episode Of Banshee Season 4 Sees Rebecca Murdered, Hood Joins Hands With Proctor And Kai!

As reported, it is never easy to end a TV Show and it is more difficult to end one that is highly popular. Even though the viewers knew that Banshee didn’t have a premise that would go as far as 150 episodes, they are still not being able to accept the fact that it is going to end in a few more episodes.

The finale of Season 3 of Banshee wasn’t one that left the viewers gasping for breath. It has some chilly scenes, but most of it was forgotten soon after. Viewers had expected that this being the last and final episode, things are going to pick and it did.

The premiere of Season 4 started with a time jump of two years. The premiere of Season 4 set into perspective the fact that this season will not follow the formula that it has followed for the last three seasons.

Even though the first episode of Banshee Season 4 started with a two year jump, Banshee has never been a series that went for linear narrative. It went back and forth between time lines to make for an interesting narrative.

While nothing really has changed in Banshee Season 4, the time jumps and the interesting murder that it has focused on makes things different.

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