Frank Deals With The Hostage Situation In House Of Cards Season 4, Claire Has A Plan In Mind!

Hammerschmidt comes in to have a word with Frank, which is off the records. The two talk about the different allegations that are surfacing and while Frank Underwood tries to downplay it as mere gossip, Hammerschmidt knows that there is more truth than what meets the eye and demands to know the details.

He even threatens an investigation by the Department of Legal Justice or better still threatens to ask the Republicans to start an investigation. While things heat up inside the Oval Office, the kidnappers end up releasing two hostages and the media gives credit to Frank for making it all happen.

Ahmadi doesn’t know how things are panning outside and he fears that the government will release a tape of the discussion that he is having with Claire and make him look like a traitor to the cause. Claire is cool and composed and tells Ahmadi that he doesn’t really have an option, but to sit and believe that that wouldn’t happen.

It looks like things are under control, but they escalate very quickly and from what it looked like, Frank and Claire are in trouble.

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