Scandal Season 5 To Have The Biggest Twist Ever, Olivia Seeks Revenge, Ross And Rossen’s Scandal Out In The Open!

The voice over in the promo teases the fans that they will be face to face with one of the biggest twists in the history of Scandal and the clip ends with Elizabeth North’s (Portia de Rossi) life being jeopardized by someone. The teaser continues and states that Olivia will shock the world with her plan for a revenge.

On the other side, there is going to be a love triangle between Susan Ross, David Rosen (Joshua Malina) and Elizabeth North. In the upcoming episode, Susan will be seen confronting David Rosen. Susan has developed feelings for Rosen and she wants to improve their relationship.

However, Rosen has been cheating on her. While Susan confronts Rosen, the viewers know that he has been dating Elizabeth North. Rosen might be dating North, but that hadn’t stopped him from flirting with Ross and it has more often than not confused Elizabeth North as well. In fact, fans will remember that David had come clean to North, confessing to her that he has developed feelings for Ross.

Scandal Season 5 will show that the world has found out about the relationship between Ross and Rosen. Rosen tells Ross that they should come up with a joint statement to clear the air, but Ross isn’t in favor of it.

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