Scandal Season 5 To Have The Biggest Twist Ever, Olivia Seeks Revenge, Ross And Rossen’s Scandal Out In The Open!

Things are set to get very exciting in the upcoming episode of Scandal Season 5. With the Presidential election nearing, the viewers have been seeing each of the candidates trying to outdo each other. However, the viewers know that there is just one person who is best at the job and Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) comes on top things, again with her team of Gladiators.

Olivia scoops hard and deep to come up with some information that is being kept hidden by the Presidential candidates. She is sure that they aren’t all clean and she finds out something that will make the viewers sit at the edge of their seats.

Olivia Pope and her team of Gladiators find out that Susan Ross (Artemis Pebdani), the current Vice President, had never been married to her late husband. This is not all that there is to know about her. It is also revealed that she had kept another secret from the world. Olivia finds out that the real father of her daughter, Casey is someone called Ronnie.

Olivia realizes that Ronnie is her best bet to oust Susan Ross from the race to become the President. However, things do not work out the way it was meant to. Ronnie refuses to testify against Susan and reveal her secret to the world.

He instead commits suicide right before he was scheduled to be a part of a television interview. This incident shakes Olivia up and she realizes how low she had gone and decides to stop her dirty campaign tactics.

Scandal Season 5 is going to become more exciting with the election being the focus of the season. Parent Herald reported that there is going to be a threat that will force the different Presidential candidates to come up and work together. There is a potential leak that might reveal all their nasty secrets to the public and the candidates will agree to work together to remove this threat in order to save their face.

Scandal Season 5 had been closely following the off-screen Presidential campaign that is currently on in the US. The Presidential campaign this year has stumped many experts with the unexpected manner in which it has been progressing. The showrunners have decided to incorporate aspects from the real world into the series to make it more enticing to the audience.

Everyone knows that Donald Trump has decided to run for President and it is not just that, he has won to become the face of the Republican for the final leg of the race. Scandal Season 5 had decided to bring out this aspect by bringing in the character of Hollis Doyle (Gregg Henry). Doyle is shown as a million, who has entered the race to sit in the Oval Office.

According to Christian Today, the upcoming episode of Scandal Season 5, called Thwack, will see some interesting twists and turns. The promo for the 11th episode include clips that show how President Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) was shot and when Olivia was abducted by an unknown organization.

It looks like the series will focus on these two incidents and clear the shroud of mystery that is covering them.

Olivia is shown seething with anger as she confronts someone. She says that she has a taste for revenge as well. She seems to be talking to someone with white hair and the fans feel that the person is none other than Hollis Doyle. There are speculations that Olivia will put Doyle in a bad fix with the use of her dangerous skills.