Apple Watch Likely to Be Unveiled in September, Rumored to Feature Smarter Gesture Detectors and Better Waterproofing!

Apple Watch was a no show at the Let’s Loop You in event that took place on 21st March at the headquarters of the Cupertino company. There was a lot of hype about the event since tech experts believed that Apple will unveil the product at the said event. It was believed that the Apple MacBook Air will also be released during the event.

Now with the reputation of the major tech websites on the line after their false claims that Apple watch is going to be unveiled on March 21st, they have gone ahead to state that there is a chance of the product being unveiled at the World Wide Developers Conference which will be held around June.

There are some websites that have also claimed that Apple Watch 2 will be part of the company’s attraction in September and will be unveiled on the occasion of iPhone 7 launch. There are rumors suggesting that Apple Watch 2 was not launched in March because it is not comparable iPhone SE. It will come out with iPhone 7 since it is compatible with the smart wearable and will highlight the interconnectivity.

The Bitbag has reported that Apple Watch 2 will include major innovations and upgrades which will include Siri, fitness tracking upgrades, major sensors, water proof guarantees. Apple Watch has a price tag of $249 whereas it had started at $349. It is believed that the prices are going to go down with the release of Apple Watch 2.

Apple Watch 2 will come out with OS 3 which will allow the user to do more things without pairing the wearable with an iPhone. This will be possible because of the new wireless chipset that will allow tasks like basic communication to be handled by the smartwatch without the need of an iPhone.

The same technology will actually make the Apple Watches trackable with the use of Wi-Fi triangulation. The wireless chipset will enable a ‘Find My Watch’ request similar to the ‘Find My iPhone.’

Apple Watch 2 will come with a video camera that will allow users to use Face Time and instead of just make audio calls. Apple Watch will come with the ability to run third party apps, but then it will still require an iPhone to send and receive the data. There are plans that include adding Apple Play and fast data connectivity to make this plan a success.

ValueWalk has reported that Apple Watch 2 will include new gesture controls. The patents include pointing, waving and making a ‘phone me’ gesture with the use of the thumb and the little finger. The text of the patent indicated that this will serve the purpose of providing commands to other devices and any other Apple device that is compatible with this technology.

According to ZDNet the patent for gesture control states that the gesture system has multiple sensors present in both the wearable device and the wrist band.

The watch is going to get even more personal with the sensors picking up movements in the tendons and bones to read hand gestures for input commands.

Apple is boasting that it is the most personal device since it can capture and transmit the heartbeat of the wearer through the veins beneath the wrist band. Apple is trying to extend the sensing capability of the device to other parts of the body including arms, wrist and the fingers to enable their movement to be interpreted as commands.