Apple Watch Likely to Be Unveiled in September, Rumored to Feature Smarter Gesture Detectors and Better Waterproofing!

Apple Watch is rumored to feature the ARM Cortex A32 processor which will give it a better battery life. Apple is working in collaboration with Samsung and LG to develop thinner OLED displays for the Apple Watch 2, so that they can provide a larger battery, thereby increasing the battery life of the device.

Apple Watch 2 is also expected to have better water proofing for users to use it inside swimming pools and underwater. Apple will introduce a circular design for the second generation Apple Watch since there has been a greater user preference as compared to the original rectangular design.

James Park the CEO of Fitbit has said that while Apple Watch is a great product it’s a product that probably does too much. While talking about his wearable device, which is Apple Watch’s biggest rival, he said that those who are interested in an Apple Watch do not generally overlap with the potential customers of Fitbit.

Fitbit is a fitness smart watch and Park is curious as to why people will need their watch to do something that their phone could easily do. Park is looking forward to pushing Fitbit for an integration that will make it a fitness smart watch as well as a casual fashion device.

Apple aficionados are waiting for Apple Watch 2 to come out and with iPhone 7 right around the corner, the excitement is increasing.

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