Windows 10 Mobile Released on a Few Lumia Devices, Microsoft to Release a Brand New Update for The OS Soon!

Just in the recent past it was reported that Windows 10 was being rolled out for a number of existing mobiles by Microsoft. Apparently, Microsoft has been testing the OS on a number of devices for quite some time.

It was finally rolled out in the previous month for a several smartphones of the Lumia lineup. The models for which the update was released include the likes of- Lumia 430, Lumia 435, Lumia 532, Lumia 535, Lumia 540, Lumia 635, Lumia 640, Lumia 640 XL, Lumia 735, Lumia 830 and Lumia 930.

It should be noted here that it was the 1GB variant of the Lumia 635 that received the update. Microsoft also stated that the update will be rolled out for other devices from the company in the future.

Apart from the update, Microsoft has also developed and released a special advisor app that checks and notifies whether a device is ready to receive the Windows 10 update. This app can be downloaded from the Windows store.

The new update brings about several improvements over the existent Windows 8.1. the improvements are especially noticeable in Microsoft Office and Outlook both of which gets a significant overhaul after the update.

Another significant feature that the update brings is the alignment of Cortana with the desktop Windows 10 version. The Twitter app was updated too and at present there is only one Twitter app and it is compatible with both the mobile and desktop versions of Windows 10.

Various reports are coming in which suggest that Microsoft is currently busy with a major update for the new OS. This update has been reportedly given the codename of Redstone. Apparently, the new update will incorporate some significant changes into Windows 10 Mobile.

Among the various new aspects that the update will bring forth, one stands out and that is the camera quick access icon on the lock-screen. After the update is applied, the lock-screen of the device will sport a camera icon.

Using this icon, users will be access the camera directly from the Lock-screen without having to swipe it open. However, it should be noted here that this feature will be exclusive to devices which has on-screen keys. It will not be available for devices which come with capacitive keys.

The camera icon will not replace any of the existing buttons on the lock-screen. It will just become an additional icon on it. The icon will be incorporated in those phones too which come with a dedicated camera button.

Users of Windows phones have been quite forthcoming with their requests regarding a quick access camera button on the lock-screen for quite some time. Looks like Microsoft has taken notice of their requests and has finally decided to incorporate the desired feature through the Redstone update.

To quickly access the camera from the lock-screen, users will have to touch the camera icon and keep holding it down. It merely takes a second after whichdevice vibrates and the camera opens up. Quite nifty!

At the moment reports are suggesting that users will not be able to customize this feature. However, chances are there that it becomes customizable before the update is finally rolled out.

While it might not be of much use to users who own devices which comes with a dedicated camera button, it will definitely be quite useful to users who own devices that does not feature a dedicated camera button.

In other news, a smartphone company by the name of Covia has just rolled out a brand new phone that runs on Windows 10 Mobile. The device that has been released with Windows 10 is the BREEZ X5.