PlayStation 4K to Be Announced Before the Launch of PlayStation VR? Features a Powerful GPU and VR Support!

It has been quite some time since the PlayStation 4 was rolled out into the market. The latest reports on the PlayStation scene suggest that Sony might be developing a brand version of the said PlayStation, only this time it will be able to output 4K graphics for games.

Sony is quiet tight-lipped regarding the matter as of now, however, several insiders are reporting that the new PlayStation might be rolled out in the oncoming year. If indeed that is the case, the device will be sold alongside the existent PlayStation 4.

Rumors state that the PlayStation 4K will have a number of 4.5, that its it will be called- PlayStation 4.5. It should be noted here that the existent PlayStation 4 has been developed to support both 4K photos and videos. However, it is incapable of running games in 4K resolution.

The PlayStation 4K will be built with a stronger processor and GPU which will provide it with that extra juice required to output 4K quality games. This new console will be targeted towards the high-end games of recent times and the ones that will be released in the future.

The PlayStation 4 has been quite successful and till date over 36 million units of it has been sold on a global basis. Keeping in mind how advanced modern games are becoming with time, it can be safely assumed that the PlayStation 4K too will be able to find numerous takers in the gaming world.

Various reports state that Sony will come forward with the announcement for the PlayStation 4K before their Virtual-Reality headset- the PlayStation VR is released. It should be noted here that the PlayStation VR is scheduled for an October launch.

The PlayStation VR will likely be compatible with the PlayStation 4K and the powerful processor and the GPU of the latter will come in handy to unleash the full potential of the Virtual reality device.

A renowned website reports that Sony might have already developed a prototype for the PlayStation 4K in their research and development labs. Apparently, the device will be able to play non-interactive Ultra HD media. It will be playable in a number of forms. Some other features that the device might carry include high-dynamic range and expanded color depth.

The graphics processor unit on the device will be twice more powerful compared to the one that is found in the existent PlayStation 4. Rumors also have it that Sony has already granted access to the device to a number of game developers.

The developers are reportedly using the technical information gained from the device to create games accordingly which will be compatible with the device. Modernization of games will find a new meaning if indeed Sony rolls out a 4K resolution supported gaming console in the future.

However, technical experts are somewhat skeptical about regarding the whole matter. Sony is basically upgrading the processor and the GPU of the PlayStation 4 to create the PlayStation 4.5.

The skeptics point out that by merely tweaking around with the hardware of the PlayStation 4, the developers might not be able to create a device which will possess the capability of outputting 4K graphics quality for games.

AMD is the company that develops both the processor and the GPU for the PlayStation 4. Till date the company has been using the 28nm transistor process in the PlayStation consoles. This was introduced back in 2011 and it has become somewhat outdated after a period of five long years.

Various reports indicate that is currently upgrading the 28nm transistor process to a brand new 3D FinFET process which will come with 14nm to 16nm transistors. This new process will enable the console to function much better compared to the PlayStation 4.

The power consumption of the device will remain unaltered and there won’t be any change in the size of the device too due to the incorporation of the new process transistors.