HTC One M10 to Launch on April 12, a Quick Glance at the Rumored Tech-Sheet of the Device!

The HTC One M10 which is also being called the HTC 10 will be unveiled by the Taiwanese tech giant on April 12. The company recently released a teaser for the device which highlights its audio capabilities.

The video stated that the device will have the best BoomSound that has ever been incorporated into any HTC smartphone. It was also claimed that the smartphone will offer “the highest-quality sound possible” and “flawless high fidelity on your phone.”

The video came alongside a post which read- “Not all music is created equal. Hi-res audio so every note is crystal clear. You’ll hear it. 4/12 #powerof10.”

The BoomSound technology has been developed by HTC and it is being used in smartphones of the company for quite some time now. In the past, the company used audio systems for its smartphones which were jointly developed by HTC and the renowned audio system company Beats.

However, HTC stopped using the said audio systems since 2012 and from then onwards it has been using the BoomSound system in its smartphones. It should be noted here that Apple purchased Beats at a later point of time.

It looks like HTC is trying to up the ante while sticking to the BoomSound technology that has been able to acquire positive reactions from both HTC smartphone users and tech-experts. The video released in this regard does not reveal any technical aspects of the technology that will be used in the upcoming smartphone.

However, the term hi-res audio was mentioned in the post that came along with the teaser. This term is actually used to refer to audio quality that is better than CD quality audio. The range of a hi-resolution audio usually hovers within the 24-bit/96 KHz to 24-bit/192 KHzmark.

All being said, it is likely that HTC will come up with some special type of earphones which will be able to produce the best results when coupled with the audio system of the device. However, chances are there that if indeed HTC develops some special headphones for the device, they might be sold as a standalone item separate from the device.

A leakster by the name of  LlabTooFeR is of the opinion that the device will come with a 5.2-inch QHD display. However, some previous reports suggested that the HTC One M10 will come with a 5.1-inch QHD display. The actual screen size of the device cannot be determined until HTC comes forward with specific technical specifications of the device.

The display of the device will have a resolution of 1,440 x 2,560 pixels. Various reports suggest that the device will sport an AMOLED display.

Under its hood, the device will be loaded with the latest Snapdragon 820 processor from the house of Qualcomm. The powerful SOC will be coupled with 4GB of RAM which will enable the device to function smoothly. Also included will be an Adreno 530 GPU to handle the graphics department.

As for the OS, it was reported that the device will be loaded with Android 6.0.1 out of the box. Needless to say, the various features of the Marshmallow OS like the Doze Mode and the One Tap Google Now will also be pre-loaded into the device.

The OS will be combined with the latest version of HTC’s own Sense UI, that is HTC Sense 8.0.

Three variants of the device will reportedly be released by HTC based on its inbuilt memory. The base model will come packed with 16GB of storage space. The other two variants will be loaded with 32GB and 128Gb of inbuilt memory. The storage space of the device will be expandable upto 2TB using external microSD cards.