Samsung Galaxy S7 Speculations, Features and Talks of Iris-Authentication!

The Samsung Galaxy S7 could be many months away considering that the Galaxy Note 5 is sandwiched in between now and then. However, there are a few things that we already know about.

These are speculations stating how the release date for Samsung Galaxy S7 has already been locked in and the price of the S7 will be as astronomically high as the S6. The Galaxy S6 launched at MWC 2015, similar to the Galaxy S5 in MWC 2014.

As a result, based on these patterns, the Galaxy S7 will definitely release in MWC 2016, which should be around February 22-25th, 2016. Like last time, it will be available in the market around five or se weeks following launch.

We can expect it to be placed on global shelves during the last few days of March or early April. Considering the price of the Galaxy S6, the S7 will not be cheap at all. Right now, it’s not certain whether it will include a 4K display but if it does pan out, expect a higher price.

If the 4K display is absent, it will probably be priced the same as the Galaxy S6. In case the base model storage increases from 32 to 64GB, it should have a starting price of 650-700 USD and more if 4K decides to move in. It is too early to draw any conclusions about the Galaxy S7 but we have our suspicions and wish list.

The latest rumors suggest that Samsung has placed a large order for curved screens in Taiwan.  The Galaxy Note 5 will probably include an UHD display and this means we might see it on the S7 as well. Obviously, it will arrive with the upcoming finalized Android M OS.

The initial reception to the design of the S6 has been quite positive. However, it isn’t exactly a revolution. The latest flagship from Samsung is quite different to its predecessor but it’s still difficult to tell them apart from looking at both. In spite of the changes made to the edges and back, Samsung’s latest flagship is definitely a Galaxy device.

In the next design, we will definitely notice something involving metal and glass as they aren’t going out of fashion anytime soon. However, one thing that would be considered a revolution is the switch from capacitive and physical Home Key Buttons to on-screen buttons. Samsung never fails on two areas: camera and display.

1 thought on “Samsung Galaxy S7 Speculations, Features and Talks of Iris-Authentication!”

  1. There are numerous ways Samsung could improve over the S6. Personally I don’t criticise it for not offering additional storage but there certainly is room to improve on battery, grip and Touchwizz.
    The one thing I really hope they never change is the physical home button and the capacitive buttons on both its sides. I prefer these over the on screen ones any time.
    One thing I do feel should change. It is that typical galaxy signature look. It is becoming boring. The galaxy line should not have to be about being recognisable but its signature should be innovation and that includes on its looks as well. The S6 is a massive step forwards in terms of materials, the S6 edge even puts a cherry on that by having those curved edges that really gives the smartphone a very unique look but nevertheless it still has that typical galaxy look which in my opinion is becoming out of fashion

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