Mark Wahlberg Indicates Michael Bay’s Return to Transformers 5!

Apparently, there is a new twist in the continuing Transformers saga and we will have to wait for it hit worldwide theaters with Transformers 5 in 2017. Late last month, it was declared by Paramount Pictures that the Transformers writers’ room has already been staffed excellent and well-experienced writers, to be supervised by both Michael Bay and Akiva Goldsman.

This greatly ensures the continuance of an awesome storyline for Transformers 5 along with any spinoffs or sequels of this world-famous popular movie franchise. Michael Bay decided to leave the franchise as a director after showing of Transformers: Age of Extinction last year in June.

He was behind four of the previous films in this series, since 2007. Reports emerged after his departure that Michael has recommended on Director Jonathan Liebesman of ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ reboot movie shown last year, to replace Bay and direct Transformers 5.

Bay highly recommended Liebesman as the former was also his protégé.  In the meantime, after a few months, it has again been reported that Michael Bay is most probably returning to the franchise.

Later, it was revealed that he came back to Transformers, not as a director of the upcoming movie but as a consultant, in order to oversee the creation of ‘writers room’ to be headed by Akiva Goldsman. Things could have changed greatly after the writers have been staffed with excellent writers.

Meanwhile, the latest reports indicate that Michael Bay might possibly return in Transformers 5. Mark Wahlberg, who was the lead star of the last movie, Transformers: Age of Extinction declared that he thinks Michael Bay will most likely return as director of Transformers 5.

However, in the same interview he admitted of knowing about very little progress about the upcoming film in this franchise. What he knows for now is that Akiva and the writers are currently working on a script for the movie.

He further added that they will most likely meet Michael Bay after they have completed doing their current movies. Right now, Wahlberg is completing filming for ‘Deepwater Horizon’ and Michael Bay is busy with Benghazi drama “13 Hours”.

Screen Rant noted that Mark Wahlberg is confirmed for two other movies which mean that he will be featured in Transformers 6 as well. Paramount Pictures will officially declare the director for Transformers 5 after the script has been finished by Akiva’s writing team.

While speculations suggest it could be Bay or Liebesman, Paramount Pictures is yet to make an official confirmation at this point.

9 thoughts on “Mark Wahlberg Indicates Michael Bay’s Return to Transformers 5!”

  1. Don’t get me wrong paramount I love Michael bay’s work, I love his movies bad boys, Pearl Harbor, pain an gain, the rock there all amazing work but with transformers nooooo, but the first one was good but other than that nope.

  2. So please paramount don’t make the same mistake for the 5th time cause if u do, don’t expect transformers 5 to make more money than the fourth one did cause fooling us four times is enoght and it’s not funny, nobody likes to be lied to, just be a man an give us want u promised and believe it or not if bay directs the 5th one no one will go see it because u lied to them FOR FIVE F***ING TIMES.

  3. But if u do make it and bay directs AGAIN might as well only show it in Japan that place love it, because they don’t know good quality when they see it, but if u release it all over the world don’t expect America to give u shit u know why BECAUSE U FUCKING LIED TO THEM FOR THE 5th F***NG TIMEEEEEEEE.

  4. And one more thing paramount, if u receive these messages ask bay this what do he know about transformers ?.

  5. Paramount get this threw your head listen Michael bay doesn’t understand transformers he just doesn’t get it he doesn’t care about the fans he doesn’t care u or u, he just keeps making the same mistakes and all he cares about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

  6. If I were u paramount I would listen cause if u don’t bay will destroy this franchise an eventually this franchise won’t make shit all because u didn’t what to take the risk of looking for a new director I’ve would’ve taken that risk after the first one hell even bay said the second one sucked dick which is true

  7. So listen us the fans or watch as the transformers franchise scaders to the winds qieliy so qieliy it’s going to be like I got no plus here

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