Samsung Galaxy S7 Speculations, Features and Talks of Iris-Authentication!

Samsung usually makes use of a Sony Exmor camera sensor in its Galaxy devices. This is because using Sony technology is cheaper and needs fewer resources than if Samsung made its own in-house. However, it also occasionally runs with its own ISOCELL sensor.

The experience in the Samsung Galaxy S7 is will definitely be first-class no matter what camera makes into its housing.  Samsung really knows how to make a smartphone display. Samsung could stick with QHD technology for another year but we have our doubts regarding that.

This technology has been available since 2014 and it won’t be considered impressive in 2016. If the Note 5 comes with an UHD display, expect the Samsung Galaxy S7 to have a glorious Super AMOLED UHD (3840×2160 pixels) screen. Meanwhile, there are rumors that suggest both LG and Samsung are gearing up to equip its flagship devices with Iris-based authentication systems.

Stay tuned for more updates on Samsung Galaxy S7!

1 thought on “Samsung Galaxy S7 Speculations, Features and Talks of Iris-Authentication!”

  1. There are numerous ways Samsung could improve over the S6. Personally I don’t criticise it for not offering additional storage but there certainly is room to improve on battery, grip and Touchwizz.
    The one thing I really hope they never change is the physical home button and the capacitive buttons on both its sides. I prefer these over the on screen ones any time.
    One thing I do feel should change. It is that typical galaxy signature look. It is becoming boring. The galaxy line should not have to be about being recognisable but its signature should be innovation and that includes on its looks as well. The S6 is a massive step forwards in terms of materials, the S6 edge even puts a cherry on that by having those curved edges that really gives the smartphone a very unique look but nevertheless it still has that typical galaxy look which in my opinion is becoming out of fashion

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