Samsung Galaxy S7: Rumors Regarding the Tech-Specs Doing the Rounds, Details of the Galaxy Note 6 Revealed!

Samsung’s greatest addition to the Galaxy S7, which could very well be the selling point for this smartphone is the introduction of a pressure-sensitive panel, which rivals the 3D Touch Technology currently in use on Apple’s devices.

There are no specific dates as to when both these devices will arrive, although, rumors suggest that the launch is still some time away.

Samsung has made quite a few major upgrades to the Galaxy Note 6, which has gone a long way in replacing the laptop, although, not entirely! Another interesting feature about the Galaxy Note 6 is that Samsung has installed a dock, allowing for the device to switch between Android Marshmallow and Windows 10.

Samsung had showcased a device with a flexible screen last year and many people believe that it’s time for Samsung to mass produce such a device! Samsung is expected to increase the screen size of the Galaxy Note 6 from 6-inches to 6.2-inches, alongwith 4K resolution support, which is another first for the device!

If you aren’t impressed with the Samsung Galaxy S7, you should definitely give the Galaxy Note 6 a shot! What are your views on the Galaxy S7? Fill us in on your thoughts via the Comments Section below.

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