Clash of Clans: Town Hall 11 Introduced, We Make a List of the Changes!

Supercell is facing the heat right now, ever since the Town Hall 11 update came into effect for their popular game Clash of Clans. The modified personal break system is the primary reason for the gamers’ fury, since this system has been hampering with the gameplay.

Supercell introduced quite a few major upgrades this time, introducing Town Hall 11, a new defense (Eagle Artillery) along with a new Hero (Grand Warden). Apart from these, the players can now stay online for a maximum of three hours, after which they are banned for 6 minutes.

Supercell claims that this change was necessary since it helps the servers refresh and gives every player a chance to attack or defend. However, players are not too happy about this major change. Hardcore clashers were active all day long. At most, they used to be disconnected from the server due to an error that read “Client and Server are out of sync”.

This took barely a minute to sort itself out and the players could resume gaming. There were two benefits of this process. Primarily, they could stay active all the time and secondly, it prevented their base from getting attacked.With the 6-minute ban now, such privileges are no longer available.

Another interesting feature introduced in this update is the Village Guard. The Guard is active once your shield runs out. The protection period depends on your league. Starting from Bronze III to Master I, the Guard is active for 15 minutes after a Shield runs out, or if your base has been attacked and the attacker has dealt less than 33% damage.

Attacking during the Guard period will not reduce the remaining protection time. Attacking during the Shield period does not dissipate the Shield, however, it imposes a 3-hour time penalty for each attack.

Although, most of these changes have been received with open arms, players are frustrated over having to watch their game time. Even if you’re online for performing menial tasks such as collecting resources or chatting, it counts towards the total time cap.

Veterans are of the opinion that this change was unnecessary, with some even claiming to have quit since it made the game monotonous and uninteresting. Some of the other changes include an enlarged map measuring 44×44 tiles while the goblins deal a much higher damage to the Town Hall and Clan Castle, almost twice as before the update.

The resource storage capacity of the Town Hall has been increased from 1000 to 250,000, which is great during raids. Clash of Clans has enjoyed an unbeaten and perpetually un-rivalled run with the gamers but all that could change.

Developers EVERYDAYiPLAY has come up with a new game titled Heroes of Paragon, along a similar line,which could challenge Clash of Clans for the crown. With a majority of the gamers unsatisfied with the overall experience that Supercell has endowed them with, it won’t be hugely surprising if Clash of Clan’s popularity begin to dwindle.

However, Supercell is an experienced developer with multiple mass strategy games under their belt. Hence, it won’t take them long to give in to the demands of the gamers, if such a situation arises anytime soon.

The update is available for Clash of Clans on both Android and iOS. Hence, if you haven’t got the update yet, you might consider downloading the 53 MB download now. This update is mandatory in order to continue playing the game.