Samsung Galaxy S7: Rumors Regarding the Tech-Specs Doing the Rounds, Details of the Galaxy Note 6 Revealed!

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is in the pipelines alongside the upcoming Galaxy Note 6, although, the former is still regarded as the flagship from Samsung’s stables. However, Samsung has given equal importance to the Note series of handsets in the past couple of years, which in turn have enhanced their popularity in the market too.

Both these devices are set to rival some of the best-selling smartphones from rival smartphone manufacturers in the upcoming days, but before that happens, we take a look at what Samsung has in store for us!

Samsung, like many of its rival brands, are known to focus extensively on hardware improvements while working on a new smartphone. However, 2016 is slated to be different, with the Korean electronics giant focusing on the software aspect of the device too. This is in stark contradiction to the Samsung Galaxy S6,which brought in a major exterior and hardware change.

Samsung wants to create a device that offers a lag-free user experience.We all know of Samsung’s direct rivalry with Apple. While the Korean firm manages to take on the Cupertino giant in almost all regards, they lag behind in software refinement.

The Apple iOS needs no introduction and is a fine example of what a premium OS is supposed to look and feel like. Android on the other hand is available to the mass market for everyone to use. As a result, Android-powered devices are not as smooth as any of Apple’s products.

This is one of the primary reason behind Samsung working on the software aspect on the upcoming Galaxy S7. Samsung plans on running the Galaxy S7 and the Note 6 on Android v6.0 Marshmallow, powered by TouchWiz, their in-house mediator.

Samsung plans to re-introduce the external MicroSD Card slot in the Galaxy S7, which is a step in the positive direction. The problem with Android-powered devices is that, most applications are installed in the system memory while the additional files can be later transferred to the SD Card.

This uses up most of the built-in memory space,hence, hampering the processing power and speed. Hence, non-expandable memory on an Android-powered device is something of a disappointment.

Rumors indicate that Samsung is likely to increase the screen size on the Galaxy S7 to 5.3-inches.Even if the original 5.1-inch screen is kept, there are minimal chances of it supporting 4K resolution. However, Samsung is expected to introduce a Quad-HD display here and save the 4K resolution for the Galaxy Note 6.

Even though Samsung is yet to confirm the hardware and other specifications on the Galaxy S7 at the moment, rumor has it that two processors have been shortlisted for the job so far. The Exynos8890 Octa-Core processor and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 are the frontrunners.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is expected to feature 4 GB of RAM. Samsung is also likely to go back to its old policies of launching the same model in two parts of the world with different specifications.

We can neither confirm nor deny these rumors at the moment, since Samsung is yet to make a formal announcement regarding the situation. We will keep you informed if Samsung releases a formal statement regarding the upcoming Galaxy S7.

Some of the other speculated features regarding the Galaxy S7 include a 20-MP primary camera 4K video recording capability alongan 8-MP secondary camera.Samsung wants to pitch the Galaxy S7 against the upcoming Apple iPhone 7, which will be a battle of the Titans, all over again!