Clash of Clans: Town Hall 11 Introduced, We Make a List of the Changes!

In other news, the angry Liam Neeson Clash of Clan advertisement still leads YouTube’s chart of the most viewed and popular ads on YouTube. The commercial was Supercell’s Super Bowl ad for Clash of Clans and for the skeptics who believe that a Super Bowl ad is not worth it, this commercial proves otherwise.

The top 10 ads on YouTube engrossed over 470 Million views combined in 2015. Two-thirds of the views have come from the mobile,which is an indication of the importance of the mobile advertisement platform.

The top four commercials of the year include Adidas’ Unfollow, Budweiser’s Lost Dog, Clash of Clans’ Revenge and Boom Beach’s Speech. Clash of Clan’s popularity has beaten those of Fallout 4, Final Fantasy 7, Star Wars Battlefront, Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty in 2015.

A major part of the title’s success can be owed to its platform. Thanks to the portable platform that the game runs on, Clash of Clans can be played while on the go without the need for any major hardware or accessories.

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