Plex Streaming App is Free for Usage on the Xbox One and PS4, Reports Indicate that the PlayStation 4 Can be Hacked!

Plex is a really favorite solution for managing and streaming media and it is supported on a variety of platforms and it keeps on expanding on many more. A Plex app was launched on the Microsoft Xbox 360 and Xbox One, late last year and in January next year, the apps were launched on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 as well.

The application was pretty awesome but some users were not happy with the requirement of a Plex Pass subscription, which runs at $5 per month. The Plex Pass comes with many other interesting benefits. Sadly, if you have never used this software before, it is difficult to say whether it is worth your requirement.

Thankfully, from this week, this will no longer be a problem since the latest PS3, PS4 and Xbox One update for this app, removes the requirement of a Plex Pass and as a result, Plex is now absolutely free to use. Earlier this year, Plex Pass requirement was dropped by Xbox 360.

However, this is not necessarily a surprise for the people who have been using Plex for some time. This is because it is a common trend that newer versions of this app will only be available to Plex Pass subscribers in early access form. They usually go free once the app is polished as well as free of any bugs.

Roku had an updated version of the application with the same requirement, before it went free for everyone in August. Moreover, the latest update to this app also brings a lot of improvements and numerous bug fixes.

Screen dimming has been added to the Xbox One App in order to help the plasma screen owners protect their TVs. A Continue Watching option is now available on the Home Screen.

Presently, PlayStation users can also mark entire shows or seasons as watched or unwatched, right from their console. Keep in mind that you will need to run Plex Media Server on PC or NAS in order to run Plex on your console. There are guides available to do this correctly, so you better check them out. The set-up and running Plex is a step-by-step process and can be done easily.

Meanwhile, it was recently reported that an exploit has been found on the PlayStation 4 system through which users can gain complete access to the system RAM in Sony’s latest console. This particular methodology was revealed by hacker CTurt and it involves the usage of PS4’s Webkit browser. The process is given kernel-level access through this feature.

This is also the highest security level that is available within the system. A NeoGAF thread provided an outlook regarding what has been achieved so far, with this particular exploit. However, keep in mind that this exploit is in its early stages. So far, it is possible to gain a new insight into the operating system along with its processes.

A basic look into the PS4’s hard drive file system is also achieved with this exploit. According to CTurt, the PS4 is now officially jailbroken. This resulted in many Twitter requests regarding piracy. However, the real truth is that the short-term damage which is offered by this exploit is quite minimal in nature.

The 2.0 system firmware update for the PS4 rendered the ancient 1.76 firmware obsolete and sadly, the latter is where this exploit was carried out. At the moment, the PS4 runs with the 3.11 version software. Keep in mind that with this hack, dismantling PS4’s security system is not at all easy, even if this particular exploit persists on the latest PS4 firmware.

The highly important encryption keys which are necessary for creating custom firmware remain completely out of reach at this point. You will be surprised to know that this isn’t the first time when the PS4 security was compromised.