Samsung Galaxy S7: Rumored Release Date and Technical Specifications Revealed, More Information!

The S7 is also rumored to be created with a magnesium-based alloy and thus it is believed that it will be lighter than its predecessors. However, there has been no confirmation yet from Samsung regarding the matter.

The S7 is likely to come with the USB Type C, the type of port that is being adopted by new phones. The Type-C USB is reversible in nature which means users won’t have to worry about which way round to stick in their cables into the phone.

It can be used to charge the phone and also channel high-resolution videos, music or data through it. It allows users to transfer data and charge their phones with the same cable.

Rumors regarding the price of the S7 are also doing rounds on the internet. Where nothing has been officially announced by Samsung yet, different sources are trying to speculate the upcoming S7’s price. Its predecessors, the S5 and the S6 came with price tags of £550 and £599 respectively. With the Galaxy S7, the price tag may be as high as £650.

However, jumping so far forward may not be a feasible option for Samsung and it could be assumed that the price for the S7 will be somewhere around the £599 mark.

It is seen that Samsung, in the past has added a number of gizmos and gadgets to its phones. These features are especially concentrated on the Galaxy S range. It could be expected that Samsung continues to do so with the S7 models.

It is being speculated that the S7 will come with the fingerprint scanner featured on the S6 models along with the IR blaster which enables users to control different devices around their homes and also the usual heart rate monitor.

Stay tuned for more update on Samsung Galaxy S7.