GTA 5 Online: Expectations Rise for the Upcoming Halloween-Themed DLC, the Map of Liberty City Leaked By Shawn Fonteno, And More!

Before the spooky occasion, a new Grand Theft Auto Halloween DLC concept has been circulating online. The revealed video shows the GTA 5 Halloween DLC concept at a time when the actual Halloween’s day is actually approaching.

Since the game was launched, there was no-release of a Halloween-themed DLC and popular YouTube user DomisLive GTA 5 (a.k.a. Dom) is quite confident that Rockstar Games would be releasing one this year, according to reports from International Business Times UK.

An exclusive GTA online DLC footage shared by Dom shows that the player is wearing different Halloween-themed T-shirts.

YouTube user GTA5OnlineGamer created this DLC concept which is apparently getting so popular at the moment. During one part of the video, it can be seen that Dom’s GTA 5 character is wearing a Halloween T-shirt which comes with exciting graphic prints on both sides.

On the first shirt, we can see a spooky pumpkin face on the front side and on the second one, you can see a similar design with the slogan “Keep calm and give me candy”. The third Halloween-themed T-shirt bears a no-brainer statement ‘This is my Halloween costume’ and it lacks the presence of a scary Pumpkin head. On the back side of the T-shirt, there is a ghost printed on it, saying ‘BOO!’

As a reported by the report, there is a fourth t-shirt which displays the message on front side with the design printed on it. The fifth Halloween themed T-shirt shows the exclusive GTA 5 gameplay footage with the same Halloween caption and a sword below it. The same design comes at the back of the t-shirt as well.

In the meantime, Rockstar is officially keeping quiet about new content coming to the game. Recently, the Freemode Events DLC for GTA Online was released, according to reports from Christian Post.

Rockstar’s quote reported by CT shows, “We’re definitely working on more vehicles among other things for you to collect for future updates — please make sure to stay tuned here at the Newswire for more info about that soon”.

Meanwhile, Dom indicated that if Rockstar decides to release a GTA 5 Halloween-themed DLC this month, one of these five catchy T-shirts will be adopted by the developer.

Rockstar recently released a Freemode DLC for GTA 5 Online and gamers are actually hooked on to the various events that are taking place in it. At the same time, a lot of fans are wishing that Rockstar comes out with exciting Halloween content for 31st October this month. As a result, they are presently asking for a new DLC.

YouTuber and GTA 5 tipster, MrBossFTW is currently on the trail of a new Halloween-themed GTA 5 Online DLC. In 2014, after the release of GTA 5, Rockstar came with a Halloween update of double RPs and double GTA money but they did not release a DLC for Halloween. However, in 2015, we’ll probably get to see a DLC from Rockstar.

On different occasions, the studio has said that they want to continue doing Halloween-themed DLCs and recently in an official post, it was stated in the comments that page that they are working on more vehicles which players can collect through future updates.

If Rockstar really comes out with a DLC, this is the first time that they will have done that. Meanwhile, MrBossFTW shared a wishlist for Halloween DLC.

First up are scary masks options which come with DC and Marvel themes or from the Scary Movie. There should be an addition of various tribal tattoos.

There should be new weapons like that of scythe which should come as a cool option as one of the melee weapons in Halloween DLC. Meanwhile, another weapon that could be added is a revolver.

Meanwhile, a vehicle that could be added in GTA 5 is the Romero Hearse and that it will give it a further Halloween effect. Rockstar should also allow vehicles to come with a specific Halloween look with all the necessary additions from Los Santos customs.