iZombie Season 2: Plot Details Revealed, Ravi Close to Finding Zombie Cure, And More Details!

Liv Moore and Rose Mciver is everyone’s favorite zombie right now and it seems like she’s back for more episodes of iZombie Season 2. This hit CW shot will kick off its new season on Tuesday which comes after a tremendous Season 1 finale.

For those of you who are not aware, it created some trouble in a few of Liv’s friendships and left her Brother Evan (Nick Purcha) in desperate need of some help.

The new season is about to start and before that happens, here are some things that you should know about. First of all, Liv will be alone and there’s a reason why. She has been completely isolated from friends and family because of the reason and that’s how she continues into season 2, as reported by “iZombie” show-runner Rob Thomas to The Hollywood Reporter.

Liv decided to turn her ex-boyfriend Major into a zombie last season and it was played by actor Robert Buckley. However, she provided an untested cure to turn Major and her nemesis Blaine into humans. However, Major is still quite mad at Liv.

Thomas further teased that Liv will be beginning next season ‘pretty much enstranged from anyone else’. It was further added by the showrunner that Liv’s mom Eva Moore (Molly Hagan) isn’t quite happy since Liv doesn’t wish to donate blood to her brother Evan.

After getting injured in the Meat Cute massacre, Evan ended up injured in the hospital and now he needs a blood transfusion fast. Liv’s mother wants her to donate blood to her brother but they are not aware of the fact that she is a zombie. In the meantime, Liv is scared that if she donates blood to her brother, he will turn into a zombie as well.

There are many spoilers ahead, so you better proceed at your own discretion. There is a major chance that Evan might end up dying in Season 2 of iZombie since Liv refuses to give blood to him. Thomas further told The Hollywood Reporter that he will not reveal the fate of Evan.

However, he teased the fact that there is definite fallout from her decision. In the meantime, Peyton might return or Season 2. During the penultimate episode of season 1, Liv’s best friend figured out that she is a zombie and as a result, she freaked out and left.

We have no idea where Peyton ran off too but she could be back for the upcoming season. In the meantime, Ravi, played by Rahul Kohli, is the head coroner and is close to finding a zombie cure, but there’s a lot of work to be done.

In the last season, he made some progress towards finding a cure but that process still needs further testing. In season 2, viewers will notice Ravi out hinting for the tainted Utopium and as a result, he will get to leave the morgue a bit more, compared to last season.

In the meantime, Blaine and Major won’t be entering season 2 as brain-eating zombies. However, at the same time, they will have to deal with the problems and results of Liv injecting them with Ravi’s new-found cure.