GTA 5 Online: Expectations Rise for the Upcoming Halloween-Themed DLC, the Map of Liberty City Leaked By Shawn Fonteno, And More!

There could be dark and scary clothing with ghosts and pumpkin faces while matching up with horror accessories. You could also add some cheap clothing.

In the meantime, MrBossFTW declared that Rockstar has corrected some of the modified accounts which came with unlimited bullets, large amounts of snacks, cash, armor, RPs and so on. According to him, Rockstar has added a new line of code which actually prevents them from accessing this.

Rockstar will further get a notification from the modified accounts if the players do anything like, hacking or cheating with it. At the same time, anti-cheater protocols have been implemented in GTA 5 Online.

After the Freemode event update, moderators can now mute, freeze, kick, ban and also modify player in game stats. Moderators are also allowed to lift a temporary ban and change the gender once.

In the meantime, there was an image dropped by actor Shawn Fonteno where Franklin is shown behind the wheels of a Bravado Gauntlet while he has run into cops and they are hot on his tail.

He further added a playful caption, “SHHHHHHHHHH. …” From the looks of it, Fonteno is actually teasing a map expansion to be featured in the game’s upcoming DLC that will feature Franklin Clinton.

Stay tuned for more updates on GTA 5 Online!