Samsung Galaxy S6 Loses Out To Galaxy S7, Set To Receive The Android N Update Later This Year

While Samsung is still developing on the Nougat, reports suggest that the Android N update is going to provide better stylus support and the Edge feature in Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and S7 Edge. The S Pen is also likely to become an integral part of the Galaxy Note, following this update.

GSM Arena has reported that Samsung has started rolling out the updates for Galaxy S6 and its other variants. The updates are currently available on unlocked devices in Europe and brings in security updates for Android for July. While these updates are available for the Samsung Galaxy S6 models that are not carrier branded, the update for those are also expected to arrive soon.

The update notification will pop up on its own when its available for the said device, but for those users who aren’t patient enough to wait it out, you can go and check for the updates manually in the Settings menu of the device.

The security update for July for Samsung Galaxy S6 is available on AT&T, and they have revealed on their support page that the update doesn’t require a Wi-Fi connection since it is available on Firmware Over the Air or FOTA.

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