Burgess Assigned A New Partner In Chicago PD Season 4, Quantico Alum Li Jun Li Joins The Cast, Voight Grieves

The upcoming season of Chicago PD is going to see Li Jun Li coming in to play the role of Julie Tay, Burgess’ (Marina Squerciati) new partner. Burgess lost her partner, Roman (Brian Geraghty) in Season 3 of Chicago PD, but isn’t going to miss her partner much in Season 4. Li Jun Li is going to play the role of Julie Tay in at least three episodes, and if her character is liked by the viewers, then she might even become a series regular.

Li was a part of Quantico where she played the role of Iris Chang, one of the top recruits for the FBI. In fact, this wouldn’t be Li Jun Li’s first stint with Chicago PD. She had previously been a part of Chicago PD, but as a different character called Anna Tse.

It won’t be difficult for Li to fit in with the cast members of Chicago PD Season 4 as she has already worked with Sophia Bush, Patrick Joh Flueger and Jesse Lee Soffer in Hatfields & McCoys. She has previously worked in The Following, Minority Report, Damages and Billy & Billie.

Burgess had had a tough time in Season 3. The season opened with her breaking up with Ruzek (Patrick John) since he didn’t want to settle down with her.

Right after, she started dating Sean Roman. This was when Roman got shot while he was out patrolling with her and this got the two to question their relationship.

Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) decided to assign Roman a new partner since he didn’t feel that Roman and Burgess working together was a good idea. Roman didn’t like this plan, and he decided to quit his job when he asked Burgess if she would come with him to start afresh in a new city and she refused. Burgess wanted to remain in Chicago and be a cop while Roman decided to move to San Diego.

It is Voight who assigns Burgess with Julie Tay. There is no confirmation on how the two women are going to deal with each other. There is no clue on their dynamics.

The fans aren’t happy with the fact that Burgess is not going to have Roman anymore. They loved the relationship that was developing between them, and they are upset that the producers decided to end their relationship.

Many fans feel that the pairing of two women as work partners isn’t realistic at all. While there is no information on how Burgess is going to deal with Julie Tay, the photos from the sets revealed that the two were getting along well, and they were seen making faces at the camera. The show runner, Matt Olmstead, feels that Chicago PD Season 4 is going to be high on girl power with this pairing.

Latin Post reported that Season 4 of Chicago PD isn’t going to deal with Kim Burgess’ relationships. She had a nasty break up with Ruzek and was still processing the break up when she was with Roman.

Things don’t work out there. To come out of the process she needs to take a break from dating, and there is a chance that her friendship with Julie Tay, her new partner might help her come out of her past.