Burgess Assigned A New Partner In Chicago PD Season 4, Quantico Alum Li Jun Li Joins The Cast, Voight Grieves

While Burgess will not have a love affair in Chicago PD Season 4, there is going to be a lot of romance between Erin Lindsay (Sophie Bush) and Jay Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer). The two are going to take their relationship to the new level and are going to move in together.

The viewers of Season 4 will have to wait and watch whether their relationship becomes stronger while they discover new things about each other or whether they go their separate ways.

Chicago PD Season 3 had seen Voight lose his son, and Olmstead has revealed that Voight is going to change after the incident. He initially had a short fuse, but now he will have no fuse at all. He is going to tread the path of self-destruction. He has made it very clear in his mind that for him the rights and the wrongs are very clear and so is his desire to right the wrongs.

In the season finale of Chicago PD Season 3, Voight ended up shooting his son’s killer.  Season4 might open with Voight not becoming the head of intelligence because of his act of rage. While Voight grieves for the death of his son, the people in his department are going to keep a close eye on him.

Chicago PD Season 4 started filming this week along with Chicago Fire and Chicago Med. Chicago PD Season 4 is going to premiere on NBC on 21st September at 10 pm.

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