Samsung Galaxy S6 Loses Out To Galaxy S7, Set To Receive The Android N Update Later This Year

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has surpassed the sale of iPhone 6S in July. This brings into  question the reason for the massive success of the Samsung Galaxy S7. How did it fare so well when the Samsung Galaxy S6, which was its identical predecessor, didn’t do well in the market? Even though the Samsung Galaxy S6 is the replica of the Samsung Galaxy S7, there are some very evident differences between the two of them.

When it comes to the dimensions, while Samsung Galaxy S6 is lighter at 132g to a 152g of S7, it isn’t as slim. The extra 20g that S7 packs in gives it a better battery life and water resistance as compared to the Samsung Galaxy S6. The company has tweaked the design of S6 to give the S7 a rounded back so that it fits better in the hand.

Both the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 have a glass back that allows the phone to be charged wirelessly. Both have an aluminum chassis, but the Galaxy S7 is more durable thanks to the Series 7000 aluminum that is used. This makes the phone unbendable in any given circumstance.

The S6 is water resistant and looks good, but the Galaxy S7 wins over it hands down since it is IP68 water compliant, meaning that it lets the user keep the phone underwater for at least an hour. While this is somewhat possible for Samsung Galaxy S6 as well, the S7 allows the users to answer important calls in the shower and under heavy downpour without any fear of damage.

When the Samsung Galaxy S6 had launched, it had the best display in the market apart from the Samsung Note 5. However, Samsung Galaxy S7 has come out with better color vividness even though both phones have the same features on paper.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 was powered by the Exynos 7420 and a 3GB RAM. This has been improved by Samsung to include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with a 4GB RAM. The phone is 30% faster when it comes to its CPU performance and 64% when it comes to its GPU and RAM.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has beaten the Samsung Galaxy S6, but there is an issue with the models that are available in the US. These are all powered by the Snapdragon 820 model, while there are phones of the same model that are running on Exynos 8890 in other markets.

This has caused consumers to complain, since tests have revealed that the Exynos version is more efficient than the Qualcomm’s version. However this shouldn’t be a problem because even at its worst, the Snapdragon works better than the Exynos powered Samsung Galaxy S6.

Samsung has been rolling out the Marshmallow update for its phones, and there are talks about the Android Nougat 7.0 update. The Android Nougat 6.0 is called the Android N, and it is available in the early form in selected Nexus phones for the beta testers. The update is going to roll out to all the top phones later in 2016.

Samsung is currently rolling out the Android Marshmallow 6.0 update, but the users of Samsung Galaxy S6 and S7 should keep an out for the updates since Samsung Galaxy’s Nougat release has been confirmed already. Samsung still hasn’t come out to reveal its plans for the launch of Android Nougat, but Gotta Be Mobile has reported that Samsung is planning out the Android N update for Samsung Galaxy S6, Note 5, S7 and even the Note 4.