ABC Confirms Release Date For Secrets And Lies Season 2, Power Dynamics In Play For Cornell

There was a lot of confusion about Secrets and Lies Season 2. The show was supposed to premiere in March-April, but since that didn’t happen, the fans felt that it is going to be a summer lineup for ABC. However, there was no mention of Secrets and Lies Season 2 when ABC came out with their list of programs for summer.

Fans were scared that the show had been scrapped off since ABC was uncannily quiet about Secrets and Lies Season 2. There was no news of whether the show had even started shooting and what the plot for the second season was going to be. After months of worrying, the fans can rest at peace now since ABC has confirmed that Secrets and Lies Season 2 is going to premiere at fall this year.

The official date for the premiere has also been released, and is expected to be on the 25th of September. The date of the premiere is almost a year after the first season came to an end on Network.

The plot for Secrets and Lies Season 2 is expected to follow Detective Cornell (Juliette Lewis) and her investigation of murder. Juliette Lewis is the only one returning from the premiere season.

Enstarz reported that Cornell is going to be dealing with the death of Kate Warner (Jordana Brewster). She is the wife of Eric Warner (Michael Ealy) and dies on the same night that he inherits the family-owned consulting firm.

The murder of Kate causes Cornell to investigate the families of both Kate and Eric, and some nasty secrets are unearthed in the process. Eric’s father John Warner (Terry O’Quinn), his sister Amanda (Mekia Cox), and brother Patrick (Charlie Barnett) are also under Cornell’s list of suspects.

According to International Business Times, Eric Warner becomes the prime suspect in the murder of Kate. ABC has released a promo, which throws more light on the plot that Secrets and Lies Season 2 is going to deal with.

The promo shows that Eric isn’t going to trust Cornell’s skills and after a confrontation between the two of them, he is going to carry out his investigation. This is going to lead him to learn that Kate had withdrawn a large chunk of money for unknown reasons.

Cornell had sent a wrong man to prison in Season 1, and she is particularly careful about not making a mistake this time round. Cornell is going to deal with the rich and wealthy from the American Society, and they are capable of protecting themselves from all the investigative probing.

Juliette Lewis spoke about the plot for Secrets and Lies Season 2 and said that she was very excited when she found out that they would be dealing with a wealthy family with a corporate background.

According to Lewis, she was excited about the challenges that her role brought in. Cornell needed to understand how to deal with them and how to go about the investigation.

She had to be very careful around these people since they wouldn’t let any chance escape in case she slips. They are a class of educated people who have the resources and can get a lawyer to make sure that the investigating officer isn’t making any mistakes. The power dynamics are very complicated.