ABC Confirms Release Date For Secrets And Lies Season 2, Power Dynamics In Play For Cornell

The previous season of Secrets and Lies had seen Cornell investigate the murder of a little boy. The body of Tom was found in the nearby woods by his neighbor, whom the viewers later realize to be his father.

Ben Crawford (Ryan Phillippe) was held responsible for the murder, but it was later discovered that the actual murderer was Abby (Belle Shouse), Ben’s daughter.  He had taken the blame for the murder to save his little girl.

Secrets and Lies Season 1 had a unique aspect, where they had a segment called Cornell’s Confidential. This scene showed Cornell approaching Ben’s older daughter, Natalie (Indiana Evans) and urging her to help her track down Abby so that she could get the rightful punishment for her crime. The season ends with Cornell meeting Abby and her mother on the road while they were shopping.

Given the popularity of the show, Secrets and Lies was immediately confirmed for a second season. However, there wasn’t any news after that. The first season of Secrets and Lies was brought in as a filler after another major series ended, and the fans were scared that because there was no place for the network to fit it in, the show might not see the light of the day again. However all is well, and the show is only two months away from premiering its second season.

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