Fresh Bonuses for GTA 5 Online To Be Released On Xbox One and PS4, Biker DLC Could Be Released Soon

According to Rockstar, the next GTA 5 online update will allow players to craft intense races, and the developer has promised to keep acknowledging feedback from gamers all over the world. Therefore, fans are eagerly waiting for fresh new bonuses for GTA 5 Online on PS4 and Xbox One.

Fans will be getting their latest dose of new GTA Online content and players are now looking forward to making some content on their own. On 2nd August, we will see the new Stunt Race Creator, which comes with a host of new features. It has new Speaker props, which include Thunder, Animal Roars, and Guitars.

You can set the intensity of Speed/Slow pads to Normal, Weak, Strong, Extra Strong and Ultra Strong. It has a new Cunning Stunt Creator which allows you to remove the already-existing world props. Rockstar told gamers that they are hoping fans are enjoying the new rides and stunt races that were released recently.

The company also said that gamers should get ready to make their tracks with the Stunt Creator update, which will be launched next week, on 2nd August. For people who wish to do a lot of other things in the game or have feedback regarding the changes, Rockstar would love to hear from you.

The company said that the only way in which they can ensure that all gamer feedback is being heard is if they send it to [email protected]. They regularly consult for a response from players, and take them into consideration for future title updates.

A new GTA 5 update went live, and it immediately introduced three new vehicles along with five new stunt races. People can try them out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The new stunt races are currently live. People can engage in daring, high-flying stunt action, starting from the peaks of Mount Chiliad to the Vespucci shores, as stated by Rockstar.

Players can collect the three new vehicles along with a new premium race, which is in  rotation for all users. These include the Vapid Contender, the Bravado Sprunk Buffalo, and the MTL Dune. They are quite large vehicles and should add some serious beef for players who prefer throwing around their weight.

The new Stunt races can be tackled by GTA Gamers with Sprunk guzzling pride while riding the branded liver-featuring Buffalo. You can also call your friends at Pegasus to travel through the off-road in Blaine Country, using the MTL Dune.

The Contender includes a balance suspension along with a formidable size. It can tackle a lot of terrains, which is a great asset for VIPs and Executives.

There are five new stunt races available. Mount Chiliad has been the inspiration for hippies, death cults and artists for a long time. However, till now, it only offered a little for the demographic of Los Santos, mostly comprised of reckless Super Car enthusiasts.

With the Chiliad (Super) stunt race available over San Andreas’ iconic peak, all of that changes favorably. Then, we have the H200 Sport which will provide an invigorating experience whilst you enjoy the touch of the ocean breeze and the smell of salt water – which washes over the track and gets your engine flooded.

The over-the-bridge bike race is another great addition. Although 2000cc super-bikes were not designed to fly through the air, hovering over industrial docklands but evolutionary progress is always stressful on the pioneers.