Fresh Bonuses for GTA 5 Online To Be Released On Xbox One and PS4, Biker DLC Could Be Released Soon

It features a Jump-frenzy through a Point-to-Point race. There’s a lot more going on in the Los Santos coastline, besides just golden sand, an overdose of steroid and impure water. It is the perfect backdrop for hosting a winding Stunt Race with numerous laps. Any mistake will send you and your super-car to the bottom of the sea within a matter of seconds.

In other news, from the looks of it, GTA 5 Online will finally receive the Biker DLC. TezFunz 2 discovered many biker scripts that were added to the game code, since the update for Cunning Stunts. According to this guy, ‘gb’ indicates the VIP and CEO mission.

The players who sign up as CEO or VP in GTA 5 Online enjoy special benefits and privileges while ordering other players to finish jobs for them. If the biker rumors are true, this update will charge players with maintaining a biker gang.

It will include a hazing process, as denoted through “biker_initiation” and some dangerous actions on a bike (“biker_joust”). Another important thing to note is the “am_mp_personal_mod_garage” script.

It is probably related to property that can be owned, which suggests that players will be able to purchase another garage, which can be further customized. That isn’t something new since players can already become a CEO and own a business. Even the interiors of offices can be modded according to your liking.

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