Sam Might Not Be Dead In Supernatural Season 12, Actors Talk About The Series Finale, Collins Hopeful That Castiel Will Get Back His Powers!

Jensen Ackles when asked how he would like Supernatural to end said that he could give an argument for both the sides that the show is likely to take. There is a possibility of the show ending on a tragic note while at the same time there is a possibility of it not being tragic.

Speaking on behalf of his character, he said that he is sure about one thing, and that is Dean will readily sacrifice himself for the sake of his brother.

Given that there are rumors of Supernatural Season 12 being the finale of the series, the fans are excited since they feel that an impending war between Heaven and Hell would be the perfect way to end the series.

Supernatural Season 12 will return in October, and there are rumors of a new cast member who has been brought in for the season. While there is no scoop on who this could be, International Business Times has reported that there is a chance of this being someone from the Men of Letters. Toni Bevell, who had shot Sam, is, in fact, a member of the London branch of Men of Letters.

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