Apple Macbook Pro 2016 Will Include Touch ID and OLED Keyboard, Apple Starts Phasing Out the Legacy Macbook Pro!

We saw a many Apple products in 2015, like the 12.9inch iPad Pro, Apple Music, 12inch MacBook, Apple Pay, Beats 1, the Apple Watch and much more. These releases gave us a lot of hints regarding what we can expect for 2016 and 2017.

The MacBook Pro needs a refresh. It hasn’t been updated since 2013 and now, it is starting to look backdated. Generations of new Intel chips are currently bypassing this device. Is it possible that the MacBook Pro will be updated in 2016 or has Apple totally given up on this lineup?

People are not anticipating any kind of external remodeling, but El Capitan code references suggest that a new machine could be under development, and this would help Apple to profit from the processor advances in the last two years.

We can simply hope that Apple is currently waiting for the E5 V4 Broadwell chips which should launch in the first half of 2016. The company could also be planning to integrate a Skylake chip.

The complete lineup should be running from the core hardware all through. Therefore, it is possible for us to witness a WWDC launch. Similarly, it is possible that the MacBook Air is also on its way out.

The MacBook Pro 2016 is yet to be announced by Apple, but the new Mac Operating System hints at certain features that could be seen in the upcoming MacBook Pro. Apple Insider reports that the APIs in the new operating system includes provisions for a human interface device. It suggests the presence of a customizable display.

There are references to keyboard status graphics which include CapsLock and NumLock buttons beside the ones for battery status, standard alerts and media functions. There were numerous reports which earlier suggested that the 2016 MacBook Pro version could feature an OLED bar display that is located on top of the keyboard.

It could be customized for accessibility and shortcuts. It is difficult to confirm the truth of these rumors, but various features in the OS suggest that is Apple is currently experimenting with a lot of new stuff.

The new Mac OS include Touch ID support and can be unlocked using an Apple Watch and iPhone. Techcrunch further suggested that this hints towards the inclusion of Touch ID sensors in the upcoming MacBook Pro and Mac.

The Touch ID will not only allow users to unlock their devices but also include making online payments as well. This claim was further supported by the beta included in the new operating system.

The inclusion of biometric features is hinted by a developer document that details certain IO Kit Changes. Apple Insider wrote that APIs permit the process of tap tracking on a biometric key, but this is probably not a direct reference to Touch ID.

An interesting thing to be noted is that support for key presses hasn’t been included at the moment. This further suggests that Biometric device is actually a fixed structure.

The MacBook Pro 2016 will feature the MacBook design seen in 15 and 13inch variants. The ports will be restricted to USB Type-C, and it will possibly include a Thunderbolt three port as well. Further rumors indicate AMD/NVIDIA graphics and Intel Skylake processors.

Meanwhile, Apple is taking away the non-Retina Display MacBook Pro models from US retail stores. This could indicate that the company is planning to launch a new Apple MacBook Pro 2016 model shortly. Apple Insider reported that an employee of the Apple Store in Austin said that the outlet stopped selling all sorts of non-Retina MacBook Pro units ever since last week.