Sam Might Not Be Dead In Supernatural Season 12, Actors Talk About The Series Finale, Collins Hopeful That Castiel Will Get Back His Powers!

Season 11 of Supernatural ended in a major cliffhanger that has left the fans of Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) worried about his fate in Supernatural Season 12. This won’t be the first time that Sam is at the jaws of death, but for the fans, the cliffhanger that had Sam staring at the barrel of Lady Toni Bevell’s (Elizabeth Blackmore) gun is too much to handle.

Jensen Ackles, who plays the role of Sam’s elder brother, Dean Winchester, has told the fans while attending the Saturn Awards that Supernatural Season 12 will reveal that Sam has indeed been shot by Lady Toni Bevell. He, however, didn’t reveal anything about the fate of the character in the upcoming season.

The season 11 finale had ended with so many cliffhangers that fans are dying to find out what will happen next, but they have no option, but to wait it out. The finale of Supernatural Season 11 showed Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith) being resurrected by Amara (Emily Swallow) as a way to express her gratitude to Dean. Dean had always wanted this since their mother had died in the hands of a demon when the brothers were very young.

With Mary Winchester coming in, the fans were hopeful that Supernatural Season 12 will bring back John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) so that the family is complete. However, Parent Herald reported that there was no possibility of John Winchester coming back in Season 12 since the executive producers couldn’t get Jeff Dean Morgan for the next season.

Sam Padalecki spoke about having Samantha Smith back on the show. He is a self-confessed fan of Supernatural and said that he is very excited to know that Samantha Smith is going to be back on the sets.

He said that while the whole set up of Mary Winchester coming back wouldn’t have been possible in any other show, he finds it cool that they have a show where they can easily pull off something that unbelievable.

Speaking about what is in store for Supernatural Season 12, Misha Collins, who plays the role of Castiel said that he would want to see Castiel returning to his former glory as in Season 4. Castiel has a lot of power, which has been inhibited and he wants those powers to be brought back so that he can be a worthy ally of the Winchester brothers and can help them out instead of being a mere observer.

Keeping this in mind there is a rumor that Castiel and Crowley (Mark Sheppard) will play a major role in Supernatural Season 12. The fans know that they represent Heaven and Hell and that there is a possibility of a huge battle between the two sides. There are some fans who feel that Supernatural Season 12 will see the story arc that will bring the adversaries at war.

Supernatural has been running successfully for a long time now and with Season 12 on the cards, there is a rumor that the show might be ending soon enough. Movie News Guide reported that according to Padalecki, the ending of the show should have Dean and Sam looking at the world coming to an end.

He had some assurance for the fans. He had made it very clear that the Winchester brothers will continue to fight until the very end.

Padalecki has also let out a huge spoiler. He has made it very clear that the ending for Supernatural will keep the fans wondering about what has happened since it will not give a clear idea about whether the Winchester brothers are alive or dead.