Rumors on Gran Turismo 7 Releasing, Possible Addition of GPS Track Meter!

Polyphony Digital will simply hang on to the archive. However, a few of these cars can be turned into premium variants when they become available. Presently, the developers wish to focus completely on increasing the number of premium cars. Rumors indicate that Gran Turismo 7 will hit Sony consoles on 2017. Meanwhile, DriveClub became a hit among PlayStation players due to its awesome graphics but with the introduction of Gran Turismo 7, the former will be totally forgotten. Rumors indicate that the game will run on the same engine used on Gran Turismo 6 but at the same time, users will witness a mightier gameplay with the seventh installment.

However, gamers shouldn’t expect DriveClub to the signature racing franchise for the PlayStation Platform. The main reason is that the game doesn’t include the presence of popular car brands. Furthermore, it isn’t similar to any form of racing games players expect in video arcades. Moreover, penalties for crashing into your rival’s car or cutting corners are just too absurd in a modern racing game.

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