NBA 2K15 Fourth Patch Released While the Game Was Available For $10.99!

Users of Xbox One had to wait for a few weeks before the fourth NBA 2K15 patches finally released on this present-generation console. The 4.5 gigabyte patch was already available on the PS4 since 12th March. It addresses a shoe glitch that was consistent with the MyPlayer Mode along with many other kinds of gameplay fixes. Check out the full list of updates with the latest patch fix!

When you are playing online, you will no longer get disconnected from the game when one or more users have minimized the title and returned while waiting on the Team Select screen before the game starts. A number of improvements were made to the player progression/regression systems that are used to drive player ratings in MyGM/MyLEAGUE/MyCAREER. Meanwhile, a rare case has been fixed where the user team gains the ability to trade for the upcoming pick mid-draft (MyGM/MyLeague).

However, the team that originally traded away the pick would still retain the rights to the player. Meanwhile, an issue has been fixed regarding users being unable to access particular Online Leagues. The earlier auto-hesitation dribble animations that played when you are driving close to defenders have been removed. The Sprint has been smoothed out to a jog transition in the backcourt. The shot percentages have been tuned in order to make way for an obvious distinction between open and covered shots.

There has been a slight increase while contacting dunk frequency for high-level dunkers. Furthermore, an issue has been corrected in MyTEAM where the improved player badges were not presenting themselves in the correct color when viewing a head-to-head game. The proper gameplay adjustments in relation with the correct badge levels are presently being made. Meanwhile in MyCAREER, the Bruiser and Hardened badges will unlock properly after the proper conditions are met.