Beta Update Notes Revealed For PlanetSide 2 PS4, Fans Are Told To Sign Up!

PlanetSide 2 is a massive scale, revolutionary, first person shooter where soldiers can battle as one targeted against all enemy empires through a full-scale planetary war. If you are still playing PlanetSide 2 PS4, you should be happy to know that a latest update is scheduled to hit gamers on 25th March. On top of that, details regarding when the EU beta starts should be revealed this week. Let us look at an overview of the update along with a group of bug fixes coming your way! Koltyr is a whole new continent for players below Battle Rank 15.

All of the new characters can start on Koltyr and can also leave whenever they want by making use of the Warpgate Terminal or looking at the World View of the map. Furthermore, gamers will notice multiple versions of the zone available at a single time. Since the map is still under development, you will notice floating buildings and trees among others.

The remaining continents of Amerish, Indar and Hossin are now easily accessible. Players can easily teleport between the continents using the World Map view or the Warpgate Terminal. Meanwhile, gamers can play without downloading the entire game, using PlanetSide 2’s support for PlayGo.  Keep in mind that Koltyr will be downloaded first, and you can start playing right away without waiting for the rest of the continents.

In the Map aspect, you will notice the addition of a 3 second delay to Redeploy and Instant Action which can be manually canceled. You will also notice the presence of World View on the Map that further allows you to change your continents and examine the status of each of them. Meanwhile, you will notice the presence of additional map indicators on each of the zoom levels of the map.

The Respawn screen has now been redesigned. On top of that, the Spawn points are presently grouped by regions. Right now, the collection of available spawns make use of updated logic in order to present you points regarding the location of fighting and your squad-mates. The actual location of the Respawn points and additional indicators will be revealed on the Respawn screen.