Discussion on Dragon Age Inquisition: Jaws of Hakkon with New Features Added In Fifth Patch!

With Dragon Age Inquisition: Jaws of Hakkon DLC, BioWare is trying to bring out our personalized leaders from retirement (in case you ever stopped playing), and allow them to discover and explore a new area of the southern Thedas. There, evil will need squashing and mysteries will need solving.

The earlier Inquisitor, known as Ameridan was lost in Frostback Basin around 800 years ago, and this unexplained disappearance serves as the driving force for this exploration. When you try to uncover the truths, the present day Inquisitor witness a lot of new faces, mainly the Hakkonites and the Avvar.

As a result, the Inquisitor needs to forge alliances and make sure that order is restored. When you start this DLC, you will immediately notice the striking setting of the Frostback Basin. In the beginning, the environment may not feel that large, but the true size is revealed in its verticality, which is not often explored in the main game.

The area is filled with deep valleys; dangerous walkways located Cliffside, murky swamps filled with twisted trunk trees along with the always-remarkable Avvar-occupied Stone Bear Hold. Each of the zones is quite different from the other, thanks to vibrant tones that keep the viewer always occupied. It helps in providing distinct personalities to the discovered landmarks. All of it leads to a visual marvel with which BioWare is providing a highly captivating experience.

Meanwhile, there are certain fixes and changes that will be introduced with the upcoming patch. The new patch is going to be PC-specific in nature. The ability to toggle mouse look is a feature that is still under progress and does not act properly under all conditions. The developers are working on this feature in order to improve it for future releases.

Earlier, characters would take damage while using the Counterstrike ability. The latest patch will fix this issue. The abilities have been updated in order to function properly with front armor rating. Meanwhile, the AI-controlled characters will no longer overshoot their target when using the Charging Bull Ability.