Rumor Round-Up and Link between Box Art and Gameplay for Tom Clancy’s the Division!

Tom Clancy’s The Division is getting ready for an upcoming release amidst while various forms of promotional art are surfacing on the internet.  During a recent statement, the art director of Ubisoft provided details regarding the designing of the upcoming game’s promotional images. The various kinds of discussed ideas provide an insight regarding the final gameplay of this title along with its release date for Xbox One, PC and PS4.

Ubisoft Massive’s Brian Tippie provided the followers with some technical details regarding the game’s promotional art. He revealed how the promotional images of New York City were necessary for conveying the aim of its ultimate gameplay. The art director talked about some inside baseball material on how cover designs are sometimes selected for huge gaming projects like Tom Clancy’s The Division. He specifically added that Ubisoft explored various avenues in search of ways that communicated in the best manner with the core premise of the game. It was done for both the primary as well as the secondary market.

In brief, he suggested that gameplay played an important role on the resultant art. In order to make the process simple, the objective was broken down into smaller areas, which were presented as basic premises for all promotional graphics in Tom Clancy’s The Division. In brief, Tippie said that the team divided the message in order to bring the New York City and the existence of The Division, into focus.

The statement reveals the source that Tom Clancy’s The Division was intended for. Furthermore, people can understand some final crucial details on its gameplay. With a NYC setting, gamers can expect a very American-focus of things. In this aspect, there could be gameplay similarities with Tom Clancy’s The Division and other games like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto, specifically the ones that Americans enjoy.