Rumor Round-Up and Link between Box Art and Gameplay for Tom Clancy’s the Division!

A blending of features from both these worlds is to be expected as it will be a huge open-world game with tight military shooter mechanics.  A lot of specifics regarding Tom Clancy’s The Division is under wraps, but the leaked alpha footage revealed a big use of looting and crafting. Either one of these ideas is adopted from other pandemic-based games like ‘The Last of Us’’.

Earlier, we saw information regarding the Dark Zones that allowed players to fight each other head-to-head and also the possibility of losing items on being killed. In order to make sure that the items are permanent present in the player’s body, he needs to take them through a process known as ‘extraction’.

Earlier in February, Ubisoft confirmed that Tom Clancy’s The Division would release along with other upcoming heavyweight titles like Assassins Creed and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Siege. Meanwhile, the latest released footage shows a character that is running around in a city covered with snow. It faced a lot of criticism, but Ubisoft thankfully declared that the video was from pre-alpha tests and does not show the final quality of the game.

Last month, curious Reddit users found a section dedicated for an alpha test and link to Alpha section hidden beneath codes on the game’s official website. If you click on these codes, it will reveal a menu bar with a specific Alpha section in it.

Stay tuned for more updates on Tom Clancy’s The Division!