Discussion on Dragon Age Inquisition: Jaws of Hakkon with New Features Added In Fifth Patch!

The barrier that Spellbinders received when spawning had been removed. The font sizes of subtitles can be controlled using an added option. The Archer AI has been improved so that they seldom enter melee combat. The save game card image designed for elf mages have been fixed. The earlier issue of specific operations disappearing from the war table without any direct interaction with the player has been fixed. Players will no longer face a crash after using the Tactician’s Renewal amulet in Skyhold.

The issue affecting movement audio after a level transition has been fixed. Similarly, after a level transition, the unintentional play of music has been fixed. The loot exploit issues are fixed. The Quarry Quandry quest could be prohibited from being completed, but the recent patch fixes this issue. The Undercroft in Skyhold now has a newly added storage.

The game also enjoys great stability with the new patch. The True Grit perk can now be applied to all members. Earlier, Qunari Inquisitors could equip the Inquisition Battlemage Armor which has now been fixed. In specific cases, abilities could be used many times before the cool down process starts. The new patch fixes this issue.

Will your interest in Dragon Age Inquisition be rekindled with the latest patch fixes? Stay tuned for more updates!